Wight Tumble Academy

Gymnastics, tumbling, power tumbling, trampoline, competitive tumbling, preschool gymnastics, double mini.


This class is 60 minutes long. There is a $35 yearly membership fee, and each class is $130 per session (10 weeks long).  The class is for ages 6-18 years old, and separated by skill level.

The beginning tumbling class is for those with no experience, or are working on cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands, and back walkovers. 

Please contact us for days and times of availability as it may vary by session. 

The intermediate tumbling class is for those students who already have a good roundoff, backbend, and kickover.  In this class we work mainly on flipflops and building the strength needed to learn the flopflop. 

Students who have already mastered the flipflop will work on the next progressions including round-off flipflop, series of flipflops, backs, and fulls.

Please contact us for days and times as it may vary by session.  815-877-8303. 

We can also create a class for your cheer squad!  Call or email tumblercoach@yahoo.com for details!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Nov 1 All Day
Friday, Dec 1 All Day
Monday, Jan 1 All Day
Thursday, Feb 1 All Day