Wight Tumble Academy

Gymnastics, tumbling, power tumbling, trampoline, competitive tumbling, preschool gymnastics, double mini.


Ages 5(must be a good listener) and up may attend this beginner level class. 

This class is 60 minutes long and includes both tumbling and trampoline.  There is a $35 yearly membership fee, and the class costs $130 per session, which is 10 week long.

Basic tumbling skills, including forward rolls, backward rolls, backbends, kickovers, handstands, handstand forward rolls, cartwheels, and roundoffs are worked on.  Basic trampoline skills include safety rolls, learning to stop on the trampoline, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, pike jumps, 1/2 turn, full turn, seat drop, swivel hips, stomach drop, seat puppy over,  back drop, and combination skills.  The instructor determines which skills each child works on depending on their strength and flexiblity.  Please be aware that certain skills have prerequisites.


Please call us for days and times as it may vary by session. If you are interested in learning at a more accelerated pace, ask about our team!  All ages and levels are welcome to be tested for team classes.