Wight Tumble Academy

Gymnastics, tumbling, power tumbling, trampoline, competitive tumbling, preschool gymnastics, double mini.

All Star Cheer Team!

We currently have teams for ages 3-8yrs!  Interested?  Email tumblercoach@yahoo.com for information. 

Also looking for ages 9-11 as of August 31, 2015!



We work with every child at their own skill level.  The athletes compete at their skill level against children in their own age group.

Our team members are only required to compete in at least 3 competitions(including state) per season.  The advanced level athletes are also required to attend nationals.

The main fees associated with team not including monthly tuition are:

  • $32/yr USTA fee
  • Coaches travel (determined yearly & based on the team the child is on, currently $320/$420/$75)
  • Competition Leotard- $173
  • Competition warm ups- $85
  • $35/yr WTA membership fee
  • Competition fees - $30-40 per competition (nationals & state are more)
  • Additional $100 coaches travel fee to attend nationals for those not on the Advance Team and are Novice level and qualify.



You must be able to do a minimum of a flipflop.  This class runs independently a lot.  This means the athletes will be told what to work on and are expected to be able to practice without being constantly monitored.  This class runs faster as most kids are doing a series of flip flops or working on their backs.

This class is 2 hour long which is divided up between trampoline, tumbling, and double mini. 


This team is by invitation, or you may be asked to be tested.  You must be able to do a series of flip-flops and a back.  This class is set up to learn at your own pace.  You must be a motivated individual.

The students attend class 10 hours a week, with a combination of tumbling, double-mini, and trampoline time.  


This little team is designed for 2-5 year olds.  They are required to compete at one competition per season, but may attend more.  The cost is $45/mo. Theses students must purchase a team leotard.  The class goes for one hour and includes trampoline, tumbling, and double mini.  The goal for this class is to learn the very basic competition routines and other basic skills necessary to move on to the pre-team 2. **


These kids are 5-8 years old that can already do a forward roll, backward roll, handstand, and cartwheel. They follow the same rules as pre-team 1, but are working more advanced basic skills.  They attend 2 hours a week- Wed 6:15pm and Sun 4:30pm, or Tues 4-6pm.  They concentrate a little more in this class and are able to complete routines with technique and execution.

***Please do not expect your little ones to be able to accomplish their whole routine, even at competitions.  At this age it is more about the experience, social atmosphere and working on listening skills.  As the children get older, they will start remembering and being able to do their routines. A lot of encouragement goes a long way with these kids!